24 The dove is being called to return
Chananya Weissman
June 15, 2020

"And he sent the dove...and it did not find rest." Yehuda the son of Nachman said in the name of Rabbi Shimon, had it found rest it would not have returned.  Similarly, "she dwelled among the nations, she did not find rest" (Eicha 1) -- had she [the Jewish people] found rest, they would not return.  Similarly, "and in those nations you will not find repose, nor rest for the sole of your feet" (Devarim 28) -- had they found rest they would not return. (Midrash Rabba Noach 33:6)

In light of all that I have written previously and all that is happening in the Diaspora after another respite, no further commentary should be necessary.