Yechezkel - They did not turn when they went
Chananya Weissman

April 6, 2020

Here is another Dvar Torah from the archives, never published, that provides chizuk for these times, and for all times.

Yechezkel 1:17

"They went toward their four sides when they went; they did not turn when they went."

The ma'aseh merkava (story depicting God's chariot) is an area of Torah into which privileged few are permitted to delve with more than a cursory examination. I am not one of these privileged few -- yet with even a cursory examination we can still glean important lessons.

The chariot is representative of Hashem's presence, and the withdrawal of the chariot from Israel is thus symbolic of our impending doom. The wheels were fashioned in such a way that the chariot could traverse any direction without first turning toward that direction. I submit that this is symbolic of the fact that our individual and collective fortunes can change instantly, without the slightest delay, impossible as this would seem through natural means.

In our current exile, when ultimate salvation may seem distant even to people of true faith, it is comforting to know that the chariot representing Hashem's presence can instantly rush back toward us without needing to pause to regain momentum. World events do not need to follow a natural order, and a dreadful, seemingly hopeless situation can instantaneously become one of redemption and joy.