2019 I'm Also Proud
Chananya Weissman
Feb 5, 2019, Arutz Sheva

I'm proud that every single one of my ancestors dating back to Adam and Chava at the beginning of creation followed God's declaration of Man and Woman uniting as one flesh to create a child. If even one of my ancestors over thousands of years practiced an "alternative lifestyle", I would not exist.

I'm proud to continue this eternal chain of life and sanctity. I'm proud that I know my ancestors, my descendants will know me, and we form a holy chain of yichus (geneology) that cannot be artificially created or replaced. My ancestors are surely proud of me as well, as I seek to continue their legacy as they did for their predecessors.

I'm proud that I recognize that there are two genders that there are genders at all! I'm proud that I can tell between them, appreciate the differences, and understand the different roles they have to play in the family structure and the development of the human race according to God's design.

I'm proud that I do not need to creatively distort or ignore anything in the Torah to conclude that my lifestyle is legitimate. I'm proud that I do not need to shout "Love your fellow like yourself" to everyone around me and pretend that means anything goes (while ignoring the entire rest of what God has to say).

I'm proud that I still believe there is right and wrong, some things are indeed black and white, there is good and evil, and not everything is subjective or a "narrative". I'm proud to recognize that there are eternal Truths established by an eternal God, and that adhering to these Truths is the only path to eternal life. I'm proud to be right, and I'm proud that the endless onslaught of propaganda to stray from this path isn't remotely tempting. Thank God.

I'm proud that I do not believe in bullying people or businesses to spread the truth, and even more proud that I do not believe in such sinister tactics to spread falsehood.

I'm proud that I recognize the sanctity of life, from the moment of conception to the moment the soul leaves the body. I'm proud that I do not justify murder at any stage of life, nor do I corrupt language to sanitize murder and make it sound like a gift to the victim and his society.

I'm proud that not one of my ancestors dating back thousands of years believed in reaching inside a mother's womb and hacking a fetus to death. I have no doubt that many of my ancestors lived in dire circumstances and that bearing the child was not the most convenient option at the time, and I thank God they all arrived at the same conclusion. They share in the merits and accomplishments of all their descendants, including my own.

I'm proud that I revere my elders and believe in giving them the utmost respect and care, even if they can no longer "contribute" to society. I'm proud that I recognize God decides matters of life and death, and everything in between, and that any attempt to devise a better system will quickly descend to hypocrisy and barbarism.

I'm proud to be part of a nation whose sole purpose is to uphold God's eternal Truths, even though much of this nation doesn't yet realize it. If I were not part of this nation I would run to join it. I am not a slave to the idolatrous moralists and philosophers in their various guises, who shout freedom and progress as they declare war on God and all that is right and true.

Are you proud of this as well? Perhaps we should organize a parade.