2019 Next Year in Golders Green
Chananya Weissman
Dec 13, 2019, The Times of Israel

There was great concern among the Jews of England. The wicked Jeremy Corbyn had a legitimate chance to rise to power, and then the literally unthinkable would have occurred. According to surveys, 45% of British Jews said they would consider moving to Israel if he was elected.

To their great relief, Corbyn was defeated, and now they will certainly not consider moving to Israel. The other 55% of Jews had no intention of considering moving to Israel regardless of the outcome, and their bitachon was rewarded; they never needed to worry about such a dreadful thought in the first place. Approximately 2% of Jews may still consider moving to Israel if anti-Semitic incidents continue to increase, with a margin of error of 2%.

With Corbyn out of the political picture, British Jews can continue to say “Next year definitely not in Israel” with full faith and confidence. There will no longer need to be uncomfortable discussions about whether or not they should consider moving to Israel; indeed, for once Jews can be united on an issue. Those who were considering thinking about it can push the heretical, cowardly notion completely from their minds.

God has saved them from thinking about moving to Israel, and it is truly a miracle worth celebrating.